Friday, October 17, 2008

Keeping up with things

We've been back from vacation about a week now...somehow it seems longer. Anyway, I am still catching up with all the things to be done around here. The groceries have finally been restocked, laundry washed and I unpacked the suitcases within 48 hours of returning home (yeah me!). Procrastination is always lurking...So here is what I would like to get done tonight.

1) fold and put away all that laundry
2) sweep the floors and mop the kitchen
3) make brownies for my husband
4) make chai shortbread cookies for me :)
5) make a new baked ziti recipe for dinner
6) mix up a bread dough starter for tomorrow
7) make hardboiled eggs for sandwiches

Recovering from vacation can be exhausting!

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