Wednesday, July 21, 2010

9 months old already!

My Sweet Baby Girl,
Wow! Nine months already!  It hardly seems possible.  Suddenly it seems as though the whole world has opened up in front of you.  There are so many new things for you to explore and experience.  You are scooting around on your stomach and today you started kind of a half crawling half scooting thing.  I think soon you will be crawling very efficiently.  If I put you down on the floor and go into another room you come after me, looking to see where I went.  The other day I left you with Daddy and went upstairs to exercise and you scooted out into the hall and banged on a metal vent and yelled "MAMAAAAAA!" when you couldn't find me.  Sometimes you strike off on your own, scooting down the hall to the mirror where you sit and babble to yourself.  You clap your hands for everything from breast milk to diaper changes.  It is so cute!  Just this week you started pointing with your cute little finger.  You point at pictures in books and all kinds of things you want us to see.  You love it when we read you stories, especially at bedtime.  Peekaboo is your favorite game.  You like to snatch up a piece of clean laundry when I am folding clothes and hold it over your face while I say "Where's the baby?" Then you pull it down and laugh like crazy when I say "Peekaboo" or "There she is!"  You are so curious about everything now and you want to touch it all.  While you are still very attached to your mama, you are becoming a little more independent every day.  I have so much fun with you and cherish every minute I have with my sweet baby.  I love you!

Hey mom, what's this green stuff for?