Thursday, April 29, 2010

Puppy Dog

Addy's Grandpa (my Dad) sent her a stuffed beagle puppy.  This was her reaction when I took it out of the box and gave it to her.  She loves it!  We had two different beagles when I was growing up, both named Poochie.  What can I say, we are not very original with our pet names in my family and we like to reuse them!  Poochie II is 13 years old now and still living with my Dad.  I got Poochie when I was 17 and he was a very cute 5 week old puppy.  It was a lot like taking care of a baby actually. Except the potty training started immediately and I'm pretty sure he was weaned on the day I took him home.  I swaddled him so I could put him down in his little crate at night and he wouldn't cry.  Don't laugh, it works for puppies too!  So now Addy has a little pet substitute until she is old enough for the real thing :)  It was funny to watch her interact with her stuffed puppy.
When she started biting it, I was definitely glad we are waiting for the real thing until she is older!

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Stephanie said...

Our 1-year-old LOVES dogs. She gets so excited when we see them walking around our neighborhood and she loves reading books about dogs too.

Oh, and she also tries to bite the noses of stuffed animal dogs! ;)