Tuesday, September 21, 2010

11 months

 My Sweet Baby Girl,
It's hard to believe you are getting so close to 1.  You are definitely more of a toddler than a baby now, even though you aren't walking yet.  You have pulled up in your crib a couple times, but are still too cautious to do it very often.  You are learning more animal sounds - you can do a monkey and a bear imitation now and will make those sounds whenever you see those animals.  It is so cute.  You are attempting to say "book" although you don't really get the "k" sound on the end, you use it appropriately whenever you see a book.  You also pretend to read your books to Mommy and Daddy and it is so funny to listen to you babbling along while you flip the pages.  You can now say "bye bye" although you usually just choose to wave instead.  You have started saying "uhoh", and enjoy dropping things just so you can use it.  You also now know yourself in the mirror.  I guess I won't be sitting you in front of it and telling you to talk to the other baby anymore.  You're onto me now :)  Whenever you see something you like, you say "Oooooo!" with such excitement and awe.  I just can't get over how precious you are.  Everywhere I go, people comment on how well behaved you are - and it's true.  We can take you pretty much anywhere and you are such a good little lady.  I look forward to every day with you.
I love you so much Sweet Adeline!

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