Saturday, August 21, 2010

10 months

My Sweet Baby Girl,
Every month brings new and exciting things for you.  This month the big one was crawling!  You got up at 3 am to show us you could crawl!  We thought you were just going to skip the crawling thing since you get around so well scooting on your tummy with your own little "army crawl".  But you decided you needed to reach things, so you learned how to crawl for that reason I think.  And because you are a cautious little thing.  You still haven't pulled up to stand yet, but I'm sure you will get there soon.  For now you are happy getting up on your knees to reach for things.  You still love to follow Mommy around and you do it mostly scooting on your stomach because you are much faster at that than crawling.  Your babbling sounds like talking now, but without the words.  

At the beginning of August we went on a little vacation to a cabin in the mountains and you had your first experience with blowing bubbles.  Actually Mommy blew the bubbles and you tried to catch them and loved it.  You also cut your top two front teeth that same week.  I thought teething would be easier for you this time around, but it seemed to bother you almost as much as the first time.  We found out you are afraid of strange places.   You slept the entire drive to the cabin and when we got there I took you inside and you took one look around and busted out crying like "This isn't my house!"  You wouldn't let me out of your sight for several days after that.  

You are my little copy cat, trying to imitate all kinds of things Mommy does, like rubbing Daddy's feet.  It is so cute!  You like to pucker up your little lips at me and you are tickled when I do it back.  Your attention span is getting longer and you can now sit through me reading a whole Dr. Seuss book (sometimes!).  Hop on Pop and the Dr. Seuss ABC book are your favorites.  Daddy usually reads your bedtime story and you love it and smile so big at him when he says "Night night".  You like to resist sleep and have been skipping naps during the day, but you are a good night sleeper as always - 11 1/2 hours most nights and often without waking up more than once about 9 hours in.  

You got your first haircut from Mommy this month.  The hair on top of your head was getting really long so I took off an inch and I can't believe how much lighter your hair looks now.  I think that was the last of your dark baby hair and you are looking much more blond, but still with a hint of red, just like me :)  You love to feed yourself peas, cheerios and graham crackers and you like pretty much anything I feed you.  Fresh peaches or pears with baby oatmeal is your favorite breakfast.  I'm so excited to see what the next month holds!  
I love you sweet Adeline!

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Stephanie said...

She is lovely!

I have yet to give my 18-month-old a haircut, but I think I need to do that soon. (To be honest, I'm a little scared to do it). ;)